E-lpidaS provides  online lessons via Skype. The feedback that customers gave us during the pandemic has enabled us to expand our knowledge and expertise in online teaching even further.

How are online lessons different from lessons at the school?

You will have a very similar experience if you choose online English lessons or lessons at the school.

We follow the same communicative approach which encourages you to make the most of your lesson time, talking and working with your partners if you are in a group lesson. In our online lessons, group work and pair work is also made possible.

Do I receive a certificate at the end of the online programme?

Yes. All of our online programmes offer a Certificate of Attendance. The certificate confirms the name of the online English course that you attended along with the number of hours of study that you have completed. Your certificate can be attached to your CV and social media profiles.

How will the language be taught and what should I expect in a live online lesson?

Our students learn most effectively in online classrooms that encourage genuine and meaningful communication.

We believe that teaching a language cannot be successful solely by routine and repetition but should be creative and communicative.

The online classroom will be an environment where everyone feels comfortable to contribute their thoughts and ideas. The mix of activities will include whole-class discussions, pair work, small group projects, quizzes, worksheets, videos, interactive and internet resources.

We explore all opportunities to share cultures, both British and the students’ own culture and traditions.

How many students should I expect in a live online lesson?

Class sizes vary, our maximum class size is 8.

What happens if I feel I have been placed in the wrong class?

If you feel the class you have been placed into is too easy or too difficult, just let the teacher know at the end of the first day and we will see if another level is more suitable for you.

How long should I study English online?

We believe the longer you are able to study, the better. Most students can expect to develop moderate fluency in 2-5 months depending on several factors (personal motivation and application, number of lessons). If you need to learn English in a very short time, we can offer an intensive programme.

We are committed to helping you acheive your language learning goals and if you are concerned about your progress we are here to offer advice and support. What we ask of you is to be punctual, attend all your classes, and do the homework that is set by your teachers.

Why online lessons

  • Save on travel time to the language centre after school or work, getting home late, spending extra money on petrol or public transport;
  •  Safer in the current Covid situation;
  • Through one of the most popular communications platforms in the world you have the opportunity to sit comfortably at home and get a classroom experience which is even better thanks to modern technology;
  • Skype is a free, user-friendly platform which works on all popular devices, including PCs, Ipads, laptops and smartphones. With its clean interface and easy navigation buttons it has been available on the market for more than 15 years which testifies to its reliability;
  • Last but not least, you master essential skills like: Time Management, Self-Motivation, Virtual Communication and Collaboration, and Technical Skills.

How it works

  • You need a suitable device with a good internet connection and Skype downloaded for free;
  • Each lesson has a clear structure with various options for online tasks, exercises and tests, Each lesson has a clear structure with various options for online tasks, exercises and tests, educational games, spoken and written assignments, communication and collaboration between students;
  • During the lesson you receive online files with grammar and vocabulary explanations;
  • At the end of the lesson each student gets individual feedback on their achievements.