We are a boutique language school with 13-year-old history which provides year-round English courses for adults and juniors. The skills you develop during your course at E-lpidaS will stay with you throughout your life, giving you new experiences, new opportunities, new friends and a new window through which to view the world.

E-lpidaS provides English language courses for individuals and groups, adults and juniors, throughout the year. As well as General English, we run a number of specialist courses such as English for Job-Hunting, English for Human Resources, English for Negotiating, Workplace English and many others. 

We, at E-lpidaS Educational Centre, believe that a language is much more than words – it is a vision of life.

We want our students to be fully prepared for international communication and to be able to realise their full potential with confidence.

Learning more than English

Our lessons and activities are integrated to give each student real-world situations where they can use and improve their English and develop their social and personal skills.

Our teachers are all qualified teachers of English who aim to inspire, motivate and empower their students to use and develop their skills.

Why choose E-lpidaS

  • We can help you choose the right course so you don’t waste your time.
  • You are not left to learn on your own, the teacher will guide you to achieve you goals.
  • Lessons are varied and fun so that students stay engaged and learn.
  • Individual tuition or tuition in small groups mean you get the teacher’s attention and help.
  • Your course will include homework, or self study, so you can keep learning in your own time.